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Interview FAQ

How does it work?
You must be qualified in your chosen profession, and 18 years old or over. Then attend an interview in your country (see website for interview dates/venues worldwide). If you are successful, advise your interviewer when you are available to start training. Training Dates are then discussed with the head office, and a Starter Pack is sent to you with an allocated Training Date according to the needs of the business.
Q. Is it necessary to be graduated, certified or licensed prior to applying on line?
A. You must be certified within your chosen profession. It is also beneficial, to have work experience within your trade. Please see the qualifications section of this website.
Q. I will not have my final certificates before attending the interview, is this OK?
A. Yes, but you will definitely need proof of qualifications before you attend training.
Q. What does Qualifications Required mean?
A. This section explains the qualifications required before applying online. Staff are already trained within their profession. When joining, we train you in our treatments, special techniques and products.
Q. I am a nail technician, can I use my electric file on board?
A. Sorry, no, all nail extensions are performed manually.
Q. I am a barber, but I cannot do wet shaves, is this OK?
A. Yes, as long as you are prepared to learn shaving techniques during training, as you will be required to do this onboard ship.
Q. Hairdresser/barber/nail technicians only – will I need to bring a model?
A. Yes,all hairdressers are now required to bring a model with them to their interview.
Q. I am attending an interview, can you give me directions?
A. Please always call the hotel directly for directions.
Q. Am I required to have a passport before applying?
A. Everyone is required to have a passport, not necessarily at the time of the interview, but certainly prior to obtaining visas and traveling(with a minimum of 18 months from the start of training).
Q. What do I need to send?
A. Please sign and return your Training Programme Acceptance and Terms Letter, Medical information form, along with a copy of your passport details, C1/D visa and Police Check, to [email protected]
Q. I am not a UK citizen, can I get my C1/D in London?
A. Please call the American Embassy and ask them the question, their number is +44 (0)9055444546.
Q. Where do I get all the forms for the C1/D visa?
A. You must apply on line; call the American Embassy for information +44 (0)90-42450100. If you are a USA/Canada citizen, no visa is required.
Q. I am having problems filling the application form out for the C1/D visa?
A. Please refer to your starter pack or call the American Embassy for advice. Their number is in your Starter Pack.
Q. I am wondering where I go to get my Sea Survival certificate?
A. If required, you will do this in training, but usually it is done onboard the ship.
Q. I am a beauty/massage therapist, what do I wear to do my trade test, if I haven’t got a uniform?
A. Something smart but comfortable, like a track suit.
Q. Does the Academy cost money?
A. Costs involved at the Academy are as follows:
SHIP UNIFORM $140 ( this cost is recovered from salary once onboard)
CID VISA £120 approx, ($160 reimbursed by the employer once on board)
Pre Employment Medical Examination "PEME" £340 (in London, includes varicella test - cost varies in other countries)
HOTEL and TAXI £120 approx.
POLICE CHECK £27 (UK cost)
Q. How much money should I bring?
A. Enough for the expenses listed in your Starter Pack, plus money for socializing (you know how much you spend socializing!).
Q. Do I pay for the YMCA?
A. We pay from the day before your training, to cover the time you are in training. Any extra nights are at your cost, and you must not book more than 3 extra nights accommodation, prior to your Training Date.
Q. Do I have to pay the Training Fee and other things on my first day?
A. The Training Fee and Training Uniforms are required to be paid 4 weeks prior to joining the Academy. If you are having your "PEME" in London, you will need to pay for this on the day of the medical.
Q. How do I pay the Training Fee etc?
A. All monies are paid either by a bank transfer or card payment, please refer to your starter pack for further details.
Q. Do I have to pay for my "PEME" and Training Fee on the day of the interview?
A. No, you will need to pay 4 weeks prior to joining the Academy.
Q. Do you have any price lists for the products and treatments on board ship?
A. You will find all this information out during your Retail Class when you are in training.
Q. What is the salary?
A. This will depend on your profession, although most salaries are commission based on sales and services. More information is given at interview stage.
Q. Will I be paid in cash?
A. No, you will be paid via an Ocean Pay Card system, this operates like a debit card.

Q. Can I get my PEME done in the UK, or can my GP do the medical for me?
A. As you require a "PEME" , this can not be done via your GP, you will be advised in your starter pack of a recognised Norweigian doctor within your country.
Q. Will I need any injections?
A. If necessary, these will be given to you during training.
The Academy
Q. If I am successful, when do I start training?
A. This will depend on available training dates.
Q. How long do you have to train at the academy?
A. This will vary from 1 – 12 weeks, depending on training and positions available.
Q. Which airport should I fly into?
A. Heathrow or Luton are more convenient than Gatwick. Please refer to the contact section of this website where you will find recommended routes, trains and taxi numbers.
Q. Will I be escorted from the airport to the YMCA?
A. No, you must make your own way to the YMCA.
Q. Do you provide meals?
A. We provide an evening meal only, at the YMCA or your host house, all other meals are your responsibility, the Academy does have a Cafe on site.
Q. I live quite close to the Training Academy. When I get my ship, can I go home and collect my things to take with me?
A. No, you must come into training, ready to go. You may not get enough notice to go home to pick up things.
Q. Can I bring my car to training and the YMCA?
A. No, we would advise you to leave it at home as there is limited parking at the Academy and the YMCA will charge a daily rate for parking. Everyone travels by bus to the Training Academy.
Q. Do I have to get a return ticket?
A. You will only need a return ticket if immigration require you too, please check with your travel agent.
Q. I understand that beauty/massage therapists need to bring a “fob watch” into training and onboard the ship. Where can I get one?
A. In the UK, you can purchase them from any ARGOS store.
The Ship
Q. What is the maximum weight allowed and what kind of suitcase shall I bring?
A. The maximum weight allowance is 20 kilos, and 5 kilos for hand luggage. We would suggest you only bring one suitcase as you alone will be carrying it to the ship, and once there, you will need to store this in your limited cabin space. Any type of case is acceptable, but it is advisable to find one that squashes down.
Q. Can I go to the same ship as my friend, or choose my own ship?
A. Consistent with our policy, the Academy will determine your ship assignment based on your experience and training.
Q. Can you place me on the same cruiseline as my partner, who works within another profession?
A. It is not company policy to place couples on the same ship. In addition to this, berthing availability makes it difficult to place couples together, and each cruise line is allocated a separate amount of cabins that they need to fill with their own staff.
Q. How can I see my family during my contract?
A. Some ships offer discount cruises that may apply to family members; however, most cruise ships do not offer this privilege. You will need to ask once on board as each cruise line is different.
Q. How can I contact my family once onboard the ship?
A. You can email and telephone from port. Some ships provide email and internet facilities and telephone, but this may be costly. Finally, you can send and receive post from the ship. However, you must provide the address of the Port Agent for your family / friends once you are onboard the ship.
Q. How long are the contracts?
A. All contracts are 9 months long
Q. Can I come home during my contract?
A. No, your contract at sea will require you to be out of the country for a 9 month period.
Q. When I join my ship, do you only pay for the flight?
A. Yes, we will pay for your flight for your 1st Contract only to your vessel. All other Hotel/transfers and incidentals are your responsiblity. On Completeion of a 9 month contract the company will repatriate you to your gateway city as agreed by you and the company.
Q. Can I take my laptop on board ship?
A. At your own risk, please note that personal items are not insured, we would advise you to take out a travel insurance to cover any personal items.
Q. What is wet dock?
A. This is when the ship is in port for a short length of time for repairs.
Q. Will I be escorted to the ship?
A. No, you will be given clear travel information, and you must travel to the ship on your own.
Q. Do you provide insurance when traveling to the ship?
A. No, we only provide medical benefit when you are actually onboard ship. Please make your own insurance arrangements for travel insurance to the ship.

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